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New Hans Roofthooft Split on the way Posted 03 Sep 2017

On 2nd October 2017 Bearded Punk Records, Inconsapevole Records, Morning Wood Records and NoReason Records will release an amazing split album featuring Hans Roofthooft from Belgium (F.O.D. singer/guitar) and Matteo Caldari from Italy (7Years singer/bass). Both Hans and Matteo will share the stage with Mr Joey Cape (Lagwagon) respectively in Genk and Milano during his upcoming European tour.

The split album is an acoustic trip influenced by punk rock and folk songwriters as Joey Cape, Greg Graffin and John K Samson. 10 tracks in total, 5 acoustic songs each, available in digipack CD and digital stores.

Steele Justice uploaded new song called 'Arcade Summer' Posted 01 Sep 2017

After the release of their first EP "That sure Escalated Quickly", Steele Justice (BE) have now come back with a second ever release.

NEONLIGHT BLUES is the band's debut full album, which wil be released through Bearded Punk Records both in CD ánd in pink vinyl format on September 9th at their release party (Fuck Oud Worden Fest 3 - Joey Cape, The Human Project, many more)!

All you eighties kids out there will definitely enjoy the band's first single off NEONLIGHT BLUES, called "Arcade Summer". Remember spending your entire summer in the arcade halls by the seaside or in your own hometown?

Well, Steele Justice sure does!

Check out "Arcade Summer" via the link below!

Enjoy the Neonlight Blues!

The Penske File are joining our little roster! Posted 31 Aug 2017

Here's another banger for you guys!

We're stoked to be doing a LIMITED RED vinyl repress for Canadian punk rock cuties The Penske File's record Burn Into The Earth in a co-release with Stomp Records and A-F Records! These babies are going for only €12!

They're taking over the world in a fast pace! And they'll be back in Europe next January, so bookers: contact me or the band asap if you want to book them for a show!

Charlie Bit My Finger a Part Of our Happy Family Posted 23 Aug 2017

The word is out! We are very proud to welcome Charlie Bit My Finger to the BPR family!

These boys just finished recording their 'Third Time's a Farm' and we absolutely loved it!

Have a little sneak peak! below! you can pre order the album in our BPR shop!

We're co-releasing the album together with our buddies from Thousand Islands Records in Canada!!

LeDomi uploaded first Single 'Never Look Back On My Heart Attack' Posted 22 Aug 2017

Yeeehaaw, Cowboy!

Bearded Punk's very own Wild Wild West sheriff-type guy somethin' somethin' Le Domi - acoustic has really outdone himself this time!

Check out this rad video he made for "Never Look Back On My Heart Attack", one of the tracks on his new album!

Yippee-Ki-Yay y'all!

We formed a Pnkrckr Collective!! Posted 20 Aug 2017

Why 'Do It Yourself', when you can 'Do It Together'?

We are stoked to launch Pnkrckr Collective, made up of like minded European labels and promoters that love music and aim to unite the underground punk rock scene in all it’s colours. Our first adventure? Punk Rock Holiday 2017 !

We’re teaming up with KNRD Fest, Giljotina Records, Bearded Punk Records , Bad Juju Yoga, Less Talk, More Records, Lockjaw Records, Manchester Punk Festival,, Anarchist Undertones, Socks Off Collective and Moving North.

Visit our stand at Punk Rock Holiday 1.7 , meet like minded people, treat your body with some punk rock yoga and get to know your new favourite band. Or just hang out, have a drink and talk gibberish.

Don't cry because it's over. Smile because it happened... Posted 16 Aug 2017

Tim Van Doorn wrote an incredibly moving homage to the greatest dog that was ever alive.

Kobus, we all miss you! Hope you're in a better place now.

All donations will go straight to the local dog shelter.

A beautiful gesture by a beautiful man!

Pas De Chance is alive! Posted 15 Aug 2017

It's been a bit quiet around Pas De Chance since their amazing performance at the Groezrock pre-party, but they're more alive than ever!

The jolly threesome have evolved to become a crazy quartet! We're sad to see Niels go, but are eager to welcome Thomas and Jeroen (former member of Cornflames)!

Keep an eye out for new show announcements!

Stream Until I Find Myself Again In Full Posted 06 Jul 2017

After primarily having focused on building his own recording studio called Big Dog Recordings, Tim Van Doorn has now luckily found the time to finish the 12 track masterpiece he’d figuratively been sitting on for quite some time. ‘Until I Find Myself Again’ is a colorful mix of sticky sweet songs that feel very personal to the Dutch singer songwriter.

“I just want you to know… being a real recording studio owner and all, this is weird for me. It feels… personal. Like the songs. Kinda like how it’s supposed to be.”

For I Am Announced 'Existence Is Pain' summer Tour Posted 01 Jul 2017

I'M MR. MEESEEKS! LOOK AT ME!!... For I Am is touring France, Spain and Portugal during the summer! They're playing a few shows with the almighty Adhesive! Tryand catch one of these shows! You'll thank me later!

30jun: Westerlo (Be) ->
01 jul: Bornem (BE) - >
02 jul: Veerle-Laakdal (BE) ->
05 jul: Lomme (FR) ->
06 jul: Fomperron (FR)
07 jul: Vila Real (PT) ->
08 jul: Cascais (PT) ->
09 jul: Madrid (SP) ->
14 jul: Castello (SP) ->
15 jul: Barcelona (SP) ->
20 Jul: Antwerpen (BE) ->
21 Jul: Oevel (BE) ->
22 jul: Zoersel BE) ->
25 Jul: Geel (BE)
26 Jul: Geraardsbergen (BE) ->
28 jul: Antwerpen (BE) ->
29 jul: Mol (BE) ->

Joey Cape headliner at release party Steele Justice! Posted 01 Jul 2017

It's no secret that we at Bearded Punk ABSOLUTELY love the guys from Steele Justice... So why keep this a secret? Nobody probably reads this blog post, but fuck it! We're even happier to announce we'll be releasing their newest album 'Neonlight Blues' on CD and a very special limited colour vinyl. When? At Fuck Oud Worden fest of course!

After they anounced the full line up we received a phone call from Barney Stinson who said this edition wil be legen... wait for it... dary!

Our very own For I Am is playing an all acoustic set, Tim Van Doorn will be playing his new acoustic album and You Nervous? will make you dance! So don't hesitate to buy a ticket!

Full Line up: Joey Cape (Lagwagon), Steele Justice (Album release), Zach Quinn (PEARS), The Human Project, Young Hearts, Brian Wahlstrom (Scorpios), You Nervous?, Donald Spence (Versus the world), Chris Fahy, Tim Van Doorn, Charlie Bit My Finger, Losing Grip, For I Am (Acoustic set), Lost From The Start