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Le Domi Newest BPR family member Posted 30 Jun 2017

SURPRISE!!!! New BPR band = "Le Domi"

Le who? Le Domi! Not only is Domi the crazy lead singer of our beloved You Nervous? But he also proves to be a solid solo artist! His songs'll take you to all kinds of places: from your cosy couches to the wild wild west!

Not to forget: beautiful guest vocals by Sofie De Bruyn (Fie De Beer)

We invite you to 'DISCOVER' this new EP below

ONLY 50 available copies!!! PM us if you want a copy! These babies will not be repressed!

PunkRock Riot Xl is going to be massive! Posted 29 Jun 2017

Since Undeclinable Ambuscade announced their reunion they've been playing almost EVERY single festival in Europe and we think that's awesome as fuck! Unfortunately, the band announced their definite goodbye show after the festival season (September 9th). But before this is happening they'll party hardy one more time at Punk Rock Riot's XL' edition.

We are so proud to tell you that our very own "New Trash" and budget beer drinkers "Captain Kaiser" are playing the support slots. If those two bands can't convince you to come over, maybe The Human Project and Almeida will!

If I can give you some probably don't want to miss this show!

All info:

Tim Van Doorn and Bearded Punk are a thing now. Posted 21 Jun 2017

Tim van Doorn is not only a really handsome guy, a kick ass studio producer, a huge (big) dog lover… he is also one hell of an artist. He’s that guy who did the male part of For I Am’s Unusual Kind Of Magic. His voice is incredible right?? Well… Starting from today he is an official member of the Bearded Punk family!

We’re releasing his full length album "Until I Find Myself Again" on june 25th! It’s going to be a very limited pressing… Listen to his new song ‘Just Me’ below!!!

Boxing Day are streaming their entire album! Posted 20 Jun 2017

Our beloved cuties from Boxing Day are streaming their entire debut EP called 'Lost And Found'. You can check out the album below and/orbuy it in the BPR shop, just one click away.

Our Puny Little Label's Growing Up... Say 'Hi' To The Dopamines! Posted 30 May 2017

So yes, this is totally happening... I'm wearing my second pair of pants for today, because I litteraly shat the first one out of enthusiasm while typing this post. We're so proud to annouce we'll be doing an exclusive limited color vinyl & CD pressing for The Dopamines' new album 'Tales Of Interest'.

We at Bearded Punk have been huge fans since their 'Expect The Worst' album which was released in 2010. Or what about their 'Vices' album which was released in 2012?! And boy! Who remembers their performance at Groezrock in 2013 or their show at Crossbonefest 2015?

Only 250 available copies! Be fast!

New Trash stream entire album Posted 01 May 2017

New trash is streaming their entire EP! Check it out below! We at BPR couldn't be happier with the result!

This band is ready to conquer the world!.

Welcome to the family Boxing Day! Posted 30 Apr 2017

After seeing them play a killer show during F.O.D.-fest we immediately fell in love with Boxing Day! So we decided to add them to our roster! These boys describe themselves as a five piece band who's writing catchy, happy pop punk for all the sad fucks out there. Their song contains lyrics true to the core and riffs that can split atoms! Sounds promising right? You can stream their latest track 'Loose Noose' below.

This song is taken from their upcoming debut EP called 'Lost And Found' which will be released on the 3rd of june via Bearded Punk Records.

Spanish Love Songs added to The Fest 16 Line up!! Posted 29 Apr 2017

The best dudes and dudette of Spanish Love Songs are playing this year’s edition of Fest (Gainesville FL)!

We just can’t believe our babies are growing up so damn fast! So if you’re heading over to Fest 16, make sure to catch these beautiful creatures on stage and don’t hesitate to give them a million hugs!

Also confirmed: Against Me! Hot Water Music, The Lillingtons, Snapcase, Teenage Bottlerocket, Iron Reagan, Beach Slang, A Wilhelm Scream, Off With Their Heads, The Dopamines, The Flatliners, Iron Chic, The Copyrights.

Check the full line up here.

New trash uploaded new song!! Posted 29 Apr 2017

Okay okay… We may just have lied a teeny-tiny bit when we said we’ve signed 7 NEW bands…

Although, New Trash kinda is a new band. I mean come on, their name even starts with the word.

Anywho! These young and raging guys should definitely not be ‘unknown’ to you, and neither should their brand new second single… UNKNOWN off their debut EP called ‘Circle’, which will be released on May 19th.

Show these guys some love and come hang during their release party!

Pas De Chance on stage during 'Secret Pré Groezrock show'! Posted 28 Apr 2017

The word is out!!! So stoked to announce that our bae's from Pas de Chance are playing the official Secret Pré-Groezrock show this year! They'll be sharing the stage with LineOut, Red City Radio, Belvedere Band, Stick To Your Guns!!!!


New Trash added to our family & video premiere! Posted 26 Apr 2017

Big news! Say hello to our newest Bearded Punk records band New Trash! They're young, they're loud, they're definitely punk rawk! Head over to to read the entire article & watch a first video clip for their song "Vicious Circle!!

Read the entire article here!

Kamikaze Girls signed by Big Scary Monster Posted 19 Apr 2017

Big news! Kamikaze Girls got signed by Big Scary Monsters! When we released their first EP called "SAD" 7 months ago we knew that this band would conquer the world! Seeing them getting signed by BSM makes our hearts jump with joy.

Check out the entire article and a their new song 'Berlin' here: