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You Nervous? "Picture Not So Perfect" A BlankTV World Premiere! Posted 04 Apr 2017

Imagine four guys living together, not paying the bills, rocking out every day. Until there's this one team that wants to take the band's stuff unless they show the money. Of course, bands are really poor, so they don't give in. They fight for their lives. Double the action, triple the excitement, multi-double the blood splatter and you've got a perfect music video.

PS: There was a jacuzzi next door, so the band was quite chill after the molesting. The song was taken from their full length album 'Furry Tales'.

The Priceduifkes stream new video for 'Too Busy Having A Blast' Posted 02 Apr 2017

The reason why we are always too late with updating this site is because we are Too Busy Having A Blast... And that's a true story!

A few days ago The Priceduifkes uploaded a video for 'Too Busy Having A Blast'. This song is taken from their latest full length 'Goathorse' which you can buy in our shop!

For I Am full album stream Posted 14 Mar 2017

Our beloved cuties from For I Am are streaming their entire 'All About Perspectives' album! Just press play and be amazed!

Coma Commander 7" split release with Hars Realms Posted 10 Mar 2017

This news was thrown into the world a while ago, so it’s about time I told you all about it as well!

Our beloved Coma Commanders have teamed up with Harsh Realms (NL) and together they’re about to release a brand new 7” split!

The album will be released through Shield Recordings (NL) and our buds from Lost Youth Records (BE) on April 26 2017. Hold on to your hats, guys!

This is gonna be amazing!

Stream The Priceduifkes' Goathorse in full Posted 07 Mar 2017

After witnessing the greatest release party ever... It's time to put this entire masterpiece on the line for everyone to hear. Seriously... I saw a punker fly through a f*cking window while moshing his way through the beastly crowd. Give this record a spin and make sure to buy a copy 'cause these ones are going fast! Both CD and vinyl available in our crappy webshop!

The Priceduifkes shares video for "I Can Dance" Posted 06 Feb 2017

Want to get rid of those nasty Monday Blues? Here is the perfect solution! New Noise Magazine is streaming a new The Priceduifkes song from their upcoming album 'Goathorse' called 'I Can Dance'! Click here!

This album will be released via Bearded Punk Records, Monster Zero and Rad Girlfriend Records!!

Coma Commander added on This Is My Fest (FR) line-up Posted 27 Jan 2017

This Is My Fest (Paris - FR) revealed their first 15 names a little while back. We where so excited about it that we forgot to mention that our very own Coma Commander is added to the Line-up. They'll be sharing the stage with bands like Hot Mass, The Decline, Heavy Heart, etc.

Kids, write it down on your calender! This is my Fest will start on june 2th end will end on june 4th.

More info about the event here! See you at the bar!

For I Am shares lyric video for "Simpleton For President" Posted 26 Jan 2017

For I Am released a homemade lyric video for their first single Simpleton For President!

The song was taken from the new album called All About Perspectives, which will be released on our lil' ol' label on the 17th of March!

Unfortunately these lyrics are too applicable to today's everyday life... Have a listen and a looksie and decide for yourselves!

Working together with Trilob Records, Infected Records, Disconnect Disconnect Records, Copilot Bookings!

Pas De Chance streams entire album Posted 02 Jan 2017

Happy New Year everyone! Hope the hangover isn't too bad? Let's start 2017 with a bang! Pas de Chance is streaming their new EP! Check it out below!

The Priceduifkes joined our scruffy family & Uploaded first single "Full Clown" Posted 29 Dec 2016

The coolest punkband from the (bloody bloody) kempen are joining our scruffy family and we are really really really really, really really really proud of it! That's right.. The m*ther*cking Priceduifkes are joining the roster! We're co-releasing 'Goathorse' together with Monster Zero and Rad Girlfriend Records. The album will be released on Feb. 25th. So keep an eye out for the pre order link! For now you can watch their latest hit and video clip called "Full clown"... Check ik out below!