Bearded Punk Records

sketchy kids - volume 1

A collection of ten tracks by Belgium's most exciting garage, psych and shoegaze bands of the moment. Featuring Mountain Bike, Double Veterans, YAWNS, Tubelight, The Glücks, Alpha Whale, The Future Dead, The Tubs, Teen Creeps and Mind Rays. Ten great bands, ten great songs, one great record. Featuring previously unreleased material by several bands.

Alpha Whale - Bromance of Arabia
Mind Rays - We See
Mountain Bike - Hangin' Around (Hightime Session)
The Glücks - On The Road
Double Veterans - Strange Girl
YAWNS - Lucid Dream
Teen Creeps - Shed Some Light
Tubelight - Coming After You
The Tubs - Every Day I'm Wastin'
The Future Dead - In Your Hands