Bearded Punk Records

Dead Wax: A Rad Girlfriend Records Compilation

A1 –The Dopamines Groundhogs Day Parade 3:55
A2 –Hospital Job Already See My Past 3:09
A3 –Parasites The Day You're Gonna Break My Heart 2:21
A4 –The Raging Nathans Packing My Bags 2:11
A5 –Tight Whips The Void 2:51
A6 –Sok! Limp Bizkit Party At The Sunoco On Wayne 1:37
A7 –Jon Cougar Concentration Camp The Mob Rules 2:43
A8 –Wonk Unit Rocky 2:11
A9 –Iron Chic Marriage 1:42
B1 –The Slow Death (2) First Time 3:53
B2 –Starter Jackets Feels Like The Worst Time 2:19
B3 –Steve Adamyk Band Die Trying 2:05
B4 –Houseghost Houseghost 1:42
B5 –Spells (3) Nothin' But Time 1:25
B6 –Good Shade On End 2:54
B7 –Vacation Hooks In You 3:55
B8 –Todd Congelliere Mama Please 1:45
C1 –School Damage Fuckin' Eh Rights 0:35
C2 –The Ridiculouses Negativity 1:00
C3 –Relapsers Tired Eyes Turning Stomachs 2:27
C4 –The Fur Coats Xom Kada 3:30
C5 –The Brokedowns The Look On Your Face 2:03
C6 –Yardboss Skeleton Sounds 1:19
C7 –Brickfight Losses 1:56
C8 –Rations Capital 2:04
C9 –Two Houses I'll Like Me Better When I'm A Ghost 2:50
C10 –Amygdala (12) The Human Cost 2:39
D1 –Chris Barrows Band Shelf Life 2:46
D2 –The Maxies Ace Diamond 3:22
D3 –The Sleights Prom Queen 2:26
D4 –The Turkletons Invisible Man 3:03
D5 –The Capitalist Kids See You In The Pit 2:19
D6 –Rad Company Carousel 1:41
D7 –Aerial Salad Intro 0:32
D8 –Panic Attack (4) Using An Online Psychic To Know The Future 1:49
D9 –Prisoner (19) Alcohol 3:12