As Friends Rust ‎– Greatest Hits?

A1 Encante 3:51
A2 When People Resort To Name Calling 3:37
A3 Ruffian 3:05
A4 Home Is Where The Heart Aches 2:28
A5 Half Friend Town 2:17
A6 Like Strings (Spell It With A K) 2:15
A7 Coffee Black 3:18
B1 First Song On The Tape You Make Her 2:57
B2 Perfect Stranglers 3:02
B3 We On Some Next Level Shit 3:33
B4 Laughing Out Loud 3:33
B5 Won't Be The First Time 3:01
B6 Born With A Silver Spoon Up Your Ass 3:02
B7 More Than Just Music, It's A Hairstyle 3:13