Bearded Punk Records

Dopamines, The ‎– Hard Pass (Singles / Rarities 2006-2020)

Groundhogs Day Parade
You Think You're Better Than Me
Power of Love
The King of Swilling Powers, Pt. 1 - Acoustic
Business Papers
Quality of Armor
10 Stories - Acoustic
David Wipfler vs. Seasoned Curlys
Heads Up Dusters!
Douglas Bubbletrousers
Try THIS Kids at Home!
October 24th
My Future's So Bright, I Have to Wear Night Vision Goggles
Jon Has Anxiety
Ryan Has Anxiety
Worst Case Scenario
Structural Failure
Soap and Lampshades
August Eyes
Car Trouble
You Must Be Joking
A Creativity Boost
Pity Party
Bad Day